Now What

Everyone is looking to you.

We are here to help you get through this. How long the “stay at home” order will remain in place is a question for the government to answer. Some people say we will only be locked down until the medical industry is prepared, a week or so. Some say for months, and still others are planning for years of lock down. I heard one person from the CDC say they expected an approved test and vaccine by the end of the year, that would be about 9 months away. The unemployment insurance is being funded for 4 months.

This newsletter is intended to provide you with what to do in the digital times that are here and are coming. We are seeing a disruption in the world, as we have never seen before. Partially due to ignorance on our part and  partially due to panic and fear. Even in medieval times, the stores were open to keep the economy going. Although the stores and activities were very primitive they still continued to do business. How and when we will get the economy move again is the real challenge. What our jobs and work, will look like after we are released, and the businesses are allowed to re-open is the goal that everyone is trying to figure out. This will be the new norm.

When the lockdown is finished we will have a new influenza virus in the air and the  population. Those 8 to 40 million people (depending on who  you ask) that were going to die from the flu, will be dead. This COVID-19 flu is a mutation of prior Corona Virus Influenzas. The Corona Virus has been around for over a decade and the new form is here to stay as well.

Which Role are you looking at?

There are 2 basic kinds of people in the world of meetings. First are the people who had to cancel a meeting and are trying to plan what to do now. Second are the people that had a meeting canceled that they were planning to attend. You may be in both parts, if so, this newsletter / website really pertains to you.